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Husscars s.a.r.l.
178, av Youssef Ben Tachfine, 1°ét. appt. 2, Nador, Moroc
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This year, I rented a car for the first time in Morocco (Nador). I was frightened by warnings of scams on the internet. After some investigation I came by It looked good. I called to reserve a car from The Netherlands,

After my arrival in Nador, I rented a Renault Symbol by Husscars from October, 18th untill November, 05th 2012. I am very positive about this company and the owner Amine Bouchotrouch for the following reasons.

- Excellent telephone reachability.
- Reasonable prices. The car was 5.5 month old with 16.715 km on the counter.
- Unlimited mileage (Km)
- Insurance included.
- Friendly and gentlemanly owner.
- Excellent service.

Pity that I got the car with an empty tank. The meter was already in the red. I had to go directly to the nearest petrol station. The reason is understandable. The owner tries to prevent the cheap illegal petrol from Algeria.

For the bond is asked: lPassport, cheque, or an amount of 10000 Dirham.
I've left a cheque. The Owner has neatly stowed the cheque in a sealed envelope.

On 5 november at 15: 00 pm I had to fly back to the Netherlands. Around 12: 00 pm I drove along Husscars. The owner Amin has closed his Office to bring me to the airport Nador Aroui. During the ride I got my cheque sealed back.

For me, this was an excellent experience and Husscars is sure to be repeated.
Reply by Jaag
11 Jan, 2016
Thank your very much for your opinion. It would be so helpfull when i rent a car in Nador.

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